Terugblik try out Trekhaak Gezocht 2.0. @Natural Networking Festival

By Marien Baerveldt

Within a month from now I’ll start my hitchhiking-with-a-caravan adventure to Scandinavia. This is not a regular hitchhike adventure and not just because I’ll be traveling with a caravan. The extraordinary part is the content we take with us, an inquiry into the values of cities and countryside.

As a preparation for my journey and to get away from it all I went to the Natural Networking Festival in the forest of Elp, Drente. The caravan I took with me attracted people as if it was a jar of honey, but because of the serene atmosphere nobody felt the urge to rush things and beautiful conversations emerged. People told me how they appreciated the shared memory in a village or the variety of people in the city. Many visitors who lived stressed lives in the city would retreat to the countryside now and then.

Most people found it hard to answer the central question about the balance between urban and rural in relation to the quality of life. This is very valuable to realise before I’m on my way to Scandinavia.

Upcoming Sunday new questions will be prototyped with Bert Kisjes in The European Cultural Village Wijk aan Zee. He might be able explain to me why villages should even exist in the 21st century?